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Das PremiumWP Whitepaper


○  Custom directories and “Security by obscurity”

·        wp-config.php secured and moved

·        official WordPress configuration methods used

·        all WordPress core files in subfolder

·        plugins in different subfolder

·        media and plugin data in different subfolder

·        Hidden server version strings

·        Hidden WordPress generator name and version strings

○  .htaccess based file protection

Prevention of directory listings, (unauthorized/direct) denied access to wp-admin, wp-config.php, wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php, prevention of code execution in several directories

○  .htaccess firewall

Protection of WordPress weak spots and unusual requests

○  HTTP security headers

SSL forced using mod_headers.c Strict-Transport-Security, X-XXS protection, no sniffing, SSL cookies, content security and referrer policy

○  WordFence

.htaccess firewall (auto_prepend_file), brute force & malware protection, file changes, spam filter, administrative and suspicious events reporting

○  Invisible Google reCaptcha

Trusted protection of all login forms, administrative forms and contact forms

○  Custom login URL



○  HTTP/2 and PHP 7.2 ¹

Technology for next-gen WordPress experience

○  Server-side PHP script caching ¹

With using OPcache technology

○  Nginx reverse proxy ¹

Load balanced serving of static files like images, JavaScript and CSS

○  Server-side static file caching

Serving of cached html files using a CDN (third party), Nginx/ Varnish cache ¹ or WordPress advanced cache

○  Browser caching

.htaccess based expiry optimization (mod_expires.c) and leverage browser caching (mod_mime.c)

○  Compressed content

.htaccess based serving of gzip encoded data using mod_deflate.c

○  Minimized requests and optimized code

By consolidated, minified and compressed HTML, JavaScript and CSS

○  Image optimization and lossless compression

○  Lazy load media ²



○  Multiple performance measures

(See above)

○  Content meta

Meta description for pages and posts, keywords, alt-tags using professional SEO extensions

○  Rich snippets

○  Conversion optimization

○  Open and connected

Sitemap, Facebook OpenGraph + Google + Twitter tags

○  Google Analytics



○  Real visual editing ²

Using a performant visual frontpage editor with section and page templates

○  Responsive ²

On all devices from 27″ screen to 3,5″ smartphone

○  Multilingual

Multi-domain, subdomain or /lang-style

○  Data protection

EU-GDPR compliant, SSL encrypted data transfer, Google reCaptcha protected forms

○  Forms

Encoded email addresses, cloud protected, EU-GDPR notifications

○  Third party services

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram etc.

○  eCommerce ready

Full support of WooCommerce 


○  Uptime monitoring

○  Updates

○  Activity monitoring

Updates, file changes, admin logins, new pages and posts 


○  Microsoft-hosted Exchange Server

Domain connected (DNS MX record), 50GB storage, unlimited devices

○  On-Site IT: Server, Storage/Backup, PCs


¹ Depends on web host
² Depends on theme

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